"And the gods yelled from above "He who shall remember, shall be wise. He who shall forget, shall be swiped. He, who shall discover, shall empower""
―A quote from Alen's book: "Knowledge over wisdom"
Alen Scribe
Title Officer, Purple Mane, Truthseeker
Gender Male
Race Mane
Unique traits
Year of Birth 668 A.P
Place of Birth Unknown
Year of Death 698 A.P
Occupation Soldier, Archaeologist, Historian

 Alen Scribe was a high-ranked officer of The Renegades Pact and a renowned member of The Truthseekers. He was temporarily a competitor to take over the leadership position from Ducion Liciano, but was later exiled from the pact, when Ducion made an attempt on his life in 692 A.P .

He swore loyalty to the Cortus Throne aftewards and would participate in the Annexation of Pratum on the defensive side in 698 A.P, where he would meet his end.

During his lifetime, Alen would write a series of books about his experiences with the pact, the Pact War and his existence as a Mane. He is the first and only person in history to document the biological process that occurs within the body of a Mane.