Domus Vita
Domus Vita
Title Commander, Warrior
Gender Male
Race Halfhuman
Unique traits
Year of Birth 198 A.P
Place of Birth Conditus
Year of Death 285 A.P
Occupation Voluntary Gladiator, Mercenary, Chieftain

"I am behind my time. Humans despise me. Northmen fear me. My own kind don't understand me. Only with my axe is everything certain. They're my foe and I'm their predator."
―Domus talking with King Brond about the Verums.
Domus Vita was a Halfhuman commander, who participated in the Banishment of the Verums; an event, which would eventually lead to The Verum War. Domus was a close friend of King Brond and the first recorded halfhuman leader figure in early human history. 

A legacy to preserveEdit

"Here rests the essense of humanity's last stroke of genius. When the world splits in two or the gods forsaken our existence, our descendants will come here and learn from the stories and lessons that we've forged these past few decades."
―Domus Vita telling a young Gyden Liciano about the statue of Poena.

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