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Laevis Potentia

Laevis was announced the new head of the verums a few years before the battle of Mors Pontem. Upon realizing the choice of his master, Laevis decided to publically execute Senex, his master, followed by a speech, that'd change the path of the verums forever.

Laevis was famous for converting the verums into the cult that it was originally meant to be and initiated a series of operations, that'd indirectly shape politics in Cortus for a long time.

Shortly after the assassination, Laevis told directly why Senex had compromised the cult and why exactly his actions were a necessity. From that, he instantly gained popularity in the cult as a leader and continued to grow the unknown organization into the largest secret one in all of Cortus.

The speechEdit

"We have all been ignorant! We've all dared to look into the eyes of indifference and have claimed it just! It is NOT! Unaware of our own foundation and purpose, we've swept away from focus and stated that we're beyond others. We have not been so. We have been unwise, inferior and unintelligent. The time for awakening is now!"
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Senex slowly dying, during Laevis' speech.

"What is our purpose in this world? To strive for perfection in society and in ourselves! And we achieve that, exactly that, through unity, zerio segregation and separation. Yet what has happened today? Who is supposed to be an example of highest possible power?"

  • Laevis points at Senex behind him*

"This man'! A man who, today, willingly gave away what we're meant to try and reach. Power, position, status and influence! Our leader, our

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