Title Lord, Mayor
Gender Male
Race Foreteller
Unique traits
Year of Birth  ????
Place of Birth Gürcün
Year of Death  ????
Occupation Soldier, general

 Lord Trotsi of the Güclü was the general and leader of the largest tribe of Güclüs on Gürcün. He was originally the Foreteller of Gürcün, until he was freed by the mistress Sulane, who'd later become his advisor. Thus, his magic resources are immense, making him the strongest in his tribe by far. 

He came into contact with otherworldly beings, when Janua Shadowwalker and her expedition arrived on Gürcün. Having a strong sense of responsibility towards his fragile people, he immediatly demanded that they retreated and subsequently declared war on them, when they didn't. This set in a chain of events, which would ignite the Last Güclü War

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