Meeting between Samuel Louvus and Daviun of Foedus
Title The generations clash
Time-span 1 hour
Event type Conversation
Casualties None
Characters Daviun of Foedus, Samuel Louvus Furyhold
Orders Ardent Union

Daviun: "You see what lies before us, my boy?"

Samuel: "The sky, uncle. The sky is the limit. That's what father always tell me"

Daviun: "Your father is not wrong, Samuel. You see... Your father was not raised like yourself. Where you had friends, family and love... He had pity, loneliness and pain. But much has happened since your father was a child. Wars have started and ended. Lives have flourished. The new generation of protectors have come. You stand among them, Samuel"

Samuel: "Father would have me fight? But he always told me my future was for myself to craft?"

Daviun: "Hehe... Young child... There's more than one way to contribute to this land. Where I defended the land with blood and honor, your father's words healed more hearts, than any magician ever could. The sacers have been cleansed, but one must always be ready to use the best of their abilities, so that we may preserve Cortus for another day."

Samuel: "Uncle... Why are you telling me all this?"

Daviun: "Because your father is sick, Samuel. We can not know how long he will last. I tell you this... I tell you all this because your valor cannot be compromised by the death of a loved one. Once upon a time, I let my loved ones make me commit horrific acts. I killed people, destroyed cities and eradicated civilizations. 

No matter what the world throws at you... The absolute worst thing we can do is to let it affect us. Always stray true to your own code, Samuel. And never forget that"

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