Prodavus Verum
Title Founder of the Verums, Military leader of Conditus, Scourge of Arms
Gender Male
Race Human
Unique traits
Year of Birth 188 A.P
Place of Birth Unknown human camp
Year of Death 235 A.P
Occupation Magician, Commander, Warrior

"We are exiled. We are forgotten. We are coming."
―Prodavus, declaring war against the parliament of Cortus.
Prodavus Verum was the infamous founder of The Verums and the very first human commander to exist. He was among the first to invent large scale battle tacticts stood among the first humans to utilize magic. Along with Flamma Aben, he discovered the source of the alius and would have a large in part in forging what would later be the infamous verum cult. He also greatly reduced the Mortuus population and was helpful in later making the human civilization the largest in its time. 

Forging a human kingdomEdit

Exiled and under pressureEdit