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Samuel Louvus Furyhold, in his classic assassin cloth.

Samuel Louvus Furyhold was the son of Toroun Louvus Furyhold and later the first "non-royal" monarch to have ever existed in Cortus. With a mind twisted after years of slavery and pain, Samuel turned the majority of Cortus into a living hell, oppressing everyone but himself.

Samuel was infamous for his tactical skills and intelligence, giving him a large advantage both politically and in combat, despite not having any physical strengths or born talents. Samuel was also a sociopath, having difficult times remaining in the same mood, often turning from relaxed to extremely hostile.

A life in slaveryEdit

Samuel was kidnapped by members of the assassin order, a few years after his birth. Due to having anger problems and becoming a big weight for the assassins, he was sold to a slaver, where he'd then live as a gladiator for many years. Samuel proved a skilled fighter, although incredibly agressive when in the arena and often executed his opponents in a rather harsh way. He was also known for being the most popular gladiator to ever exist.

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Samuel Furyhold in his gladiator gear.

He eventually fled during a gladiator fight, killing the majority of the spectators along with his group of loyal slaves. Samuel begun freeing slaves all over Cortus and later took over all of Cortus with the help of his army, crowning himself world dominating monarch.

Samuels crowning resulted in the execution of several orders, including the black stallion, the order of diplomacy and the assassin order, as well as many divisions in the global army. 

With little effort, Samuel had managed to conquer all of Cortus, quickly forming the entire world into one giant monarchy based around his leadership.With all opposing factions gone and zero to little chance of shaking him off the path of importance, Samuel ended up controlling Cortus until his death.

Fall and DeathEdit

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