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Welcome to the Theblackmane Wiki

A wiki about a fantasy story in progress by me. A wiki can aid in managing the depth of it properly. Feel free to add anything to it, if wanting to help me. It might just be worth keeping. The Black mane is a story about redemption, vengeance, progression, wisdom and how far we're willing to go for love, hatred and other emotions. The emotional focuse on the Black Mane is what drew me here to make this wiki and with the depth and complexity, I am hopeful that this story is large and deep enough to interest you all.

I decided to use wowmodelviewer in order to visualize the characters, gods and elements. While my story will be independent and not have anything to do with the universe, the style fits for now and allows me to add some pictures, instead of pages completely filled with nothing but walls of text.

Behind the loreEdit

When beginning to go into depth with The Black Mane, I tried my hardest on asking myself; "what will make this worth reading", if it ever was to be released as a book or something similar. And that made me look into some of the worlds from other books, games and movies. While I'm a big fan of World of Warcraft and similar universes, there's something that is lacking, in my opinion. Although the characters are, often, comprehendable, I think there's a lacking morality behind the stories of the characters and when I started reading the books from the universe, it made it all so flat. That is why I looked to Harry Potter as inspiration.

The universe in the Harry Potter books might be unfitting for a fantasy world like the Black Mane, but the way that the themes and moralities are explained and mentioned through the characters, their actions and faiths, makes it seem relevant for the viewers/readers. I've never felt like I was watching/reading a story in a world I shouldn't care about. Instead, I was experiencing a story, that told me never to give up, to understand that pain will be felt, but that the road ahead will eventually end and that goals can be achieved.

That is what I'm trying to achieve with the Black Mane. I want every race, every character, every conflict, to make us think about the way we are as people, as a united specie and the way we need to approach things. That's why, Although Qarx's journey is relatable (at least to me), he's not a saint. He's done more evil and committed more crimes, than the majority of the men he opposes. That alone refers to the fact, that unconditional dedication can damage and harm a human beings mental stability, which is the case for Qarx.

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